1000PrintsNoFootprints is an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise R1 million before 31 October towards buying a plot of land up the East Coast, in order to manifest the vision of a Reforestation and Creative Retreat, in which we envision ourselves to live more sustainably with the Earth.

In connection with the Reward System of Crowdfunding, I will be hosting an Online and Physical Exhibition of art available as rewards for donations of R1000/$70 towards the campaign. The show will be made primarily of Limited Edition Eco-Friendly Prints of original artworks, paintings and photographs of personal work as well collaborators and friends. If we sell 1000 Prints at R1000 each, we can raise R1 million (R1000 x 1000 Prints = R1 million). Be one of those 1000 contributors towards Erasing our Footprints and driving the Sustainable Living Dream.

Physical Exhibition: 13th-23rd October at the MUTI Gallery. Online Exhibition: Ends 31st of October.
Snapscan / EFT / Cash payments for gallery sales.

The Essence of 1000PrintsnoFootprints is the philosophy of channelling Creativity in a concious way, exchanging art towards a beautiful cause.


Hi, my full name is Christopher Dirk Auret

I am first and foremost, a human being, and then what you could call an artist. I can’t tell you my work is Art. You tell me it is art and it becomes Art. That is your power.

Have a look around. These are things I’ve captured. I may have tried to preach in my first show “You Have My Word”, but I now know we only learn through personal experience. Since then I’ve dug deeper in order to deal with an underlying sense of unease - and this show has been a whirlwind of answers to that something.

I believe in the art of living. I strive for it. It’s only since my journey into being an “artist” began that I have been allowed the time to unpack what it means to me.

I now invite you to delve into what I’m saying. And not saying.



Otto Whitehead

John-Michael Metelerkamp

Txarani Harmse

Yasmin Ezzideen

Nick Burton-Moore

Cassandra Hellberg

Sam Dormehl

Amy Ayanda

Andrew Sutherland

Yasmin Ezzideen

Inge Beckmann

Caroline Mackintosh

Jo Jackson

Christopher Shaw

Juliette Garms

Tash Viljoen

Valentina Argiro

Nastasha Sale

Danielle Clough

Mike Burey

Ricardo Simal

Sven Christian

Terry Levin

Alex Serafini

Chris Fisher

Skumbuzo Vabaza

Marti Lund

Illana Welman

Jamy Silver

Daniel Snyder

Jessica Segal

Alice Phoebe Lou


Jeremy Hewitt

Frances Hone

Zayne Bartley

The full catalogue can be viewed here or visit the MUTI Gallery.