Solo Exhibition - 8th to 17th October 2015

UILIEN is my altar of gratitude to the ‘Elementals’ for ushering me through deaths and transformations.

The exhibition was inspired by my relationship with the ‘Elementals’ and a deep desire to share and acknowledge their humble teachings with the hope to encourage others to nature gaze. It is a collection of personal power treasures discovered in the Cape Peninsula over a period of time.

I experience an undeniable sense of belonging when walking up Table Mountain or swimming in the ocean. I recharge around trees and rocks and I wash and pray in the ocean. My public persona falls away in the natural church and my heaviness is swallowed whole.

UILIEN is my homage to the ‘Elementals’ celebrated through the mediums of natural art, photography and sound sculpture.

I crafted a series of nature spirits by respectfully manipulating alien tree bark, pods and sea shells, leaving other natural treasures exactly as I found them.

Each character or mask has a unique meaning to me. Each with a different message.

I collaborated with photographer Guto Bussab in order to capture the interaction for the prints.

I have created a special sound sculpture, gently weaving my roots as musician and vocalist into the collection.
It carries no words rather vocal patterns and percussive motifs.

A chosen bouquet of alien plants will be burnt as an offering, completing UILIEN’s sensory experience.”

~Inge Beckmann~


Gallery Open Times:

Mon- Fri: 12h00 - 18h00
Sat: 10: 14h00

For further details contact Claire:

074 3117996 / 021 4653551