Runnin’ With Knives (2015)

Angel-Ho is the performance persona of Angelo Valerio, a Cape Town-based artist.

Valerio uses the character of Angel-Ho to challenge tropes around classism, identity, sexuality, gender and race.

His performance work surrounds a representation of the “Nu-Queer” identity: one that is not subject to dehumanisation, objectification or “othering”, and instead elevates the body to a position of power.

Runnin’ With Knives” started as Angel~Ho’s sound genesis. The splicing of air vibrating against the surface of a Japanese Katana stirs tension in the pot of sexuality. Her exhale echoing through the soundscape of a vogue ballroom club.

With each stroke of the blade is assurance of identity, being aggressive and asserting ownership. The sculpture is the sound becoming visible.”